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Gay Thomas Wilson is a Keynote Speaker - Certified Personal Development

& Business/Career Strategist Coach/Consultant.

Focus - A Day in Life with the Corona Virus

Unleash and Live & Give to Your Success

The ability to concentrate interest or activity on a specific person, place or thing


“The only mistake in life is the lesson not learned”- Albert Einstein


Episode #1In the first episode, I suggest that the first step to retrieving & unleashing your Super Powers is to honor yourself. Those characteristics, tools and the wisdom that is required for your success, are oftentimes hidden within your most difficult circumstances and life experiences and retrieving and honoring the lessons learned, places you on the path to accelerating your success in your life and career.


Episode #2:  In episode 2, together we take a short journey into the dynamics of understanding who you are at your core so that you can experience the value of your life's journey.  

You'll be reminded of how you see yourself and what your deepest desires might be. Your desires are a clue to how you see yourself and more importantly how you crave to function in the world. 


Episode #3: Now that you’re learning to honor yourself and identify your core desires and values, it’s time to practically apply theses new mindsets each day, week and month during your real-life challenges. 



QUESTION: Now that we are hyper aware that how we live out our day can make the difference between life and death..... our days are filled with situations and circumstances that all demand our undivided attention, not to mention the fact that some necessities like toilet paper are more difficult to come buy.  Everything from suddenly having the kids home all the time, quenching the fears of  relatives or friends and the10 conversations you’ve had with your car insurance agent regarding what you thought was a simple fender bender, are consuming your peace of mind and zapping your energy. 


Oh yes, and what about that meeting on Tuesday right before you figured out how to set up a virtual meeting instead,  but looks like you’ll have to find time to run to the grocery store so that you’ll have food in the fridge when you pick up your mother-in-law from the airport who decided yesterday to stay with you for a few days. while entertaing thoughts about wether of not she's been exposed to the virus.

Also, don’t forget the, I've gotta have some "me time" commitment you've made to yourself to take that 7am online yoga class 3 days a week. And don't forget to listen to the audible book before you see your accountant on Thursday. It will help you make wise decisions around how to handle your savings now that the market is in free fall.  


Each one of these scenarios are extremely important, and as a high functioning individual, you are certain that it will all fall into place.  Meanwhile, you are exhausted and thinking about how to get some much needed 

R & R...Oh, that's right you've got to get a new mattress!

This is a day, week or month in the life of most of us who are intent on creating the life we envision. Family, work, business, health, money, and the dog are all of great importance within the scheme of applying a level of excellence and integrity to all things that concern us, right?  How we handle our lives also represents how we handle our career/business which includes our journey toward success. 


It's easy to move into a hyper-state of activity while trying to accomplish each pressing task as if we have more than two hands and two feet. We often create a state of anxiety that pushes us through with urgency that more often than not,  ends with less than excellent results, at the end of the day. You might get it done but without the grace and intuitive flow that could have walked you through each circumstance without losing your temper, dropping the carton eggs as you struggle to unpack the groceries, or forgetting to stop at the cleaners to get that outfit you were planning to wear tomorrow when you meet with that new prospect.  

QUESTION: What do you do to get it right so that when you lay down at night you smile at the memory of your choice to not just get it all done but to get it right, by making choices that support your decision to live your best life NOW, TODAY within the realm of your life's reality? 


KEY: Having decided to actualize the life you want ….This is where you get to choose where to place your focus and what has priority. You get to choose what’s most important to YOU vs everyone and everything that is demanding your… everything! Yes, on some level this seems like a selfish choice, after all you feel that you hold the keys to everyone's comfort, happiness and even their well being. 


REMEMBER: Make choices that are congruent with your ability to breathe, center and apply your heart to each matter…what ever it is! You'll be surprised at how time becomes your friend as perfect timing takes over your day. 


SLOW DOWN: Breath and FOCUS …connect to your intuitive flow. Rather than acquiescing to the fervor, and urgency of the moment…you can choose to slow down and take steps that will flow within your intuitive sensibility which holds a space that includes you… who you are, what you want and ultimately how you want to live your day.  Do this, and like a breath of fresh air, you’ll know what to accomplish first, second, and on and on, while also realizing what to release, at least for now. Surprisingly at the end of your day, a warm feeling of peace will be the essence of your thoughts and feelings. You will sleep well and awaken refreshed even without the new mattress....although that would certainly help!!!  

REMEMBER: Every day of your life, within each circumstance, holds a divine opportunity to function at your highest level. To do this is a-kind to an exercise that defies gravity. With each choice you make, you are either building the life you want from the inside out or becoming a beast of burden in servitude to the vicissitudes of life. 

This state of being is ultimately created by the fear of disappointing others and the fear of honoring yourself during the urgency of life that is thrust upon all of us on a daily basis, not to mention, this mindset is seriously hazardous to your mental and physical health. 


However, the truth is, you can stand in your decision to choose to honor yourself, and put your desires & values first, so that all these things, and all of those you love and care about, will reap the benefit of that choice, as you LIVE your best life & GIVE the best version of YOU!

KEY: NOW it's time to practice activating your super power: FOCUS.... even when life wants to overwhelm you....Honor you, honor your choice to create the life you desire and deserve. 

Honor your life experiences, whether good, bad, ugly or indifferent, they are NOT random but rather possess an invaluable lesson and Super Power (s) that you are required to retrieve, understand, accept and apply to your reality. 

Your Super Power (s) will equip, inform and accelerate your next step toward success in your life: health, relationships, finances, and your career.



Gay Thomas Wilson is a Keynote Speaker, Personal Development & Business Strategist.

EPISODE 2 - 6 min: DESIRE  





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Super Power & Saboteur Q&A List

Breakthrough into your next level of success

  • What Are Your Super Powers? 

  • Where Are Your Super Powers Hidden?

  • Breakthrough To Your Next Level of Success

  • Unleash Online Workshop

The only mistake in life, is the lesson not learned - Albert Einstein

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