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EPISODE 1 - 4 min: WAKE UP & SOAR - 



Gay Thomas Wilson is a Keynote Speaker - Certified Personal Development

& Business/Career Strategist Coach/Consultant.


“The only mistake in life, is the lesson not learned”- Albert Einstein


If you're anything like me, your work and career is the one area of your life where you feel confident and inspired...or maybe not, but you are always aware of the somewhat uncomfortable desire to grow, become more productive and clearer about your life's trajectory.

QUESTIONS: Are you attracting the people and opportunities that will move you forward? Are you asking yourself, "Why is every step I take so difficult or disappointing? How can I accelerate my progress? What more can I do?”

Ok, if this is you, it simply means it's time to elevate your perspective and make new choices about...well, everything.  

In the meantime, here’s some encouraging advice:

You are equipped to make this move to a higher and more satisfying life. You have the tools required to function in an elevated, more fulfilling, intuitive way, and to shift your mindset so that you can turn your dreams into reality...You can step into the life you envision...the life that's waiting for you NOW!


There are, however, a few requirements you’ll want to meet: Wake up, and honor your current experience.
Yes, the circumstances you're trying so desperately to escape.

QUESTIONS: How do you wake up? How do you break free from the circumstances that seem to be incongruent with what you KNOW is the life you want and deserve?
KEY: Remember this:
Your life experiences are NOT random! Your current circumstances are there to put a demand on you to wake up and participate in the retrieval of the
Super Power(s) that you need right now in order to move forward. You cannot move forward without them!

Where you are right now is where you are being given the tools, courage, wisdom, tenacity, mindset, and character traits --i.e., Super Power(s)-- required to help you take the next steps toward the life you've decided you want; the life you've spent years dreaming about and applying your best efforts to create.

Believe it or not... it's really all about you! Your world is a direct reflection of where you are in your evolutionary process; to become, thrive and function at your highest potential.

Here's the good news! Your experiences are the task masters that are preparing you for your next step. In order to break through from where you are, to where you want to be, begin paying very close attention to what your life is teaching you RIGHT NOW!

Start HereSlow down. Stop complaining. Stop the negative self-talk. Get quiet and start listening. Listening from the inside. Find a quiet place to just breathe and listen.

It doesn't matter if what's happening to you is something you consider to be a negative experience. This is where you are consciously required to participate in your unique and specific life circumstances. This is where you are required to wake up.

The fact is, it's not about the literal circumstances you're currently experiencing, but rather the mindset, the feelings and unconscious decisions you are making as a result. Rather than breaking through to your next step and accelerating your process, you may be creating and facilitating your saboteur(s), which will keep you in your current emotional and mental state until you fall deeper and become stuck indefinitely.


Being stuck for one hour, one day, one week or sometimes years, will cause time to become your debilitating enemy, rather than allowing timing to be the deliverer of favor, opportunities and open doors.

Most often we are so preoccupied with what we want, we rarely pay attention to the value of our current circumstances, and that’s a mistake.
However, your current experience is not random, but rather is where you need to be before you can move forward.

Your current circumstances are the perfect teacher. They administer the exact experience to remind you that you already have everything required to make the shift toward your higher self and a more fulfilling life.

Within your experience, wrapped in blood, sweat and tears, is an invaluable gift; the Super Power(s) , that will equip you to walk through your next doorway into the life that is waiting for you.

Those Super Power (s) will accelerate your process by empowering your ability to release the fear and embrace your next level with clarity and courage.

Ok, now you’ve increased your capacity, made room for a new mindset and burgeoned a fresh perspective. You have grown, you have more understanding of who you are and what you're capable of doing. You've shifted in your understanding of your life's are conscious of the possibilities and opportunities available to you in the world and surprisingly, right there in your own backyard.

Yes, everything you need is already here, within your current experience. Feel what you feel: the frustration, the disappointment, the anxiety, and then; breathe and release...shift your attention, so that you can go deeper and listen.

KEY: Remember this:
Honor your life experiences, whether good, bad, ugly or indifferent, they are NOT random but rather possess an invaluable lesson and Super Power (s) that you are required to retrieve, understand and accept.

Your Super Power (s) will equip, inform and accelerate your next step toward success.

Gay Thomas Wilson is a Keynote Speaker, Personal Development & Business Strategist. Gay's has helped professionals, entrepreneurs and creatives connect to their authentic gifts, talents & skillset - and to trust their life experiences, giving them the clarity required to monetize their abilities and create sustainable success in today's Marketplace.







 EPISODE 2 - 6 min: WAKE UP & SOAR  



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The only mistake in life, is the lesson not learned - Albert Einstein

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