Gay Thomas Wilson 

"Enthusiasm and expertise are
a great combination. 
Gay's genuine desire to inspire people to better their human connection is a wonderful thing to witness. Gay, you rock!"
Scott Edwards
Senior VP- On Air Promotions &
Operations - Fox  Studios
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Hey There!


I'm excited and looking forward to having the opportunity as a Keynote Speaker or as your Breakthrough Coach to  introduce you to the proven tools and resources I offer that will empower, inspire and accelerate the ability to reach your life and career goals.


First, I’d like to share a bit of my life experience with you, it has been my greatest teacher.

For more than 15 years I’ve been an advocate for mental health. It is one of many experiences that has helped to propel me into speaking, advocacy and coaching.

It all began with my sister's diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia. Accompanying her, on this unexpected journey, resulted in a process that brought me closer to my humanity through a study of human behavior and a realization of our profound ability to survive, create and thrive. 

As a lifelong learne based the immutable and universal truths of the Biblewhile also embracing the evolution that life demands of us all, These revolutionary life tools have been a catalyst for my understanding of the human soul. ie. the will, mind and emotional life that informs our perception and interpretation of life.

My experience as a trained method actor also provided techniques that helped me face my fears and heal from childhood trauma and the behavior that ensued. Acting furthered my understanding of how to unlock the why behind human behavior. It also provided me with invaluable tools as a personal development coach.


The application of creative business strategies allowed me to establish two successful international careers that I am grateful to have enjoyed as a professional model & cover girl, with top agencies in LA & NYC, and later as a working film & television actor in both Los Angeles, NYC as well as an extraodinary five month adventure in Rome, Italy where I met the infamous director Federico Fellini and was directed by the beloved singer/actor, Adriano Celentano. Back in the US, I stepped into my film career with a featured role in Francis Ford Coppola's, The Cotton Club, and later, my first series regular role for HBO directed by the the amazingly gifted Carl Franklin

While working with these esteemed and celebrated artist, I inherited a deep appreciation for the masters of the craft of filmmaking and their ability to effect our understanding of the human narrative. These encounters influenced my decision to attend Santa Monica College Film School where I received degrees in both Film Production and International Film Studies.

​Both my personal and professional experiences have incentivized every career choice I've made, creating a convergence of  acting & filmmaking, mental health advocacy, and keynote speaking. As a Certified Life Coach it all comes together to benefit creatives & entrepreneurs alike.


It's amazing how our life experiences unwittingly nurtures our ability to empower others as we fulfill our personal vision of a purpose driven life.

Check out the 4min video Unleash Your Hidden Super Powers that further illustrates this principle and download the Free

Super Powers & Sabotuers E-Workbook.

Your Success Is My Passion!


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