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EPISODE 3 - 6 min: WAKE UP & SOAR  


                                EPISODE 14min WAKEUP & SOAR




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Gay Thomas Wilson is a Keynote Speaker - Certified Personal Development

& Business/Career Strategist Coach/Consultant.

Desire - A Key To Unleashing Your Success

“The only mistake in life, is the lesson not learned”- Albert Einstein

Episode 1: In the first episode, I suggest that the first step to retrieving & unleashing your Super Powers is to honor yourself. Those characteristics, tools and the wisdom that is  required for your success, are often times hidden within your most difficult circumstances and life experiences and retrieving and honoring the lessons learned, places you on the path to accelerating your success in your life and career.

Episode 2:  In episode 2, together we take a short journey into the dynamics of understanding who you are at your core so that you can experience the value of your life's journey.  
You'll be reminded of how you see yourself and what your deepest desires might be. Your desires are a clue to how you see yourself and more importantly how you crave to function in the world. 


Your desires are the motivating factors that either inform your choices or lay dormant beneath the common fear of success, the fear of failure, being judged, or a belief that you are not capable of turning your desired life into reality, usually for a plethora of reasons. These dominating thoughts, ideas and mindsets can cause behavior that will sabotage your efforts to create the life you want and thrive.  

QUESTION: What must you do to Wake Up and find the courage to follow your path - your truth, often against the advice of your most trusted advisers? What does it take to step out into the dreams and desires that have often become a source of unresolved agitation? 

FACT: Here's the good news: : It may seem that the opposite is true, however you’ve spent your life time being trained to live your truth. Learning to re-define those experiences and honoring the lessons learned, you will discover that your life experiences have been a specific ciriculum that is meant to lead you through the development and mastery of your life. You'll discover that you most certainly have what it takes to create the success and fulfillment you desire at your deepest level. 

KEY: Remember this... Your core DESIRE is there, it's always been there...or maybe you believe you've lost it within the difficult choices you've had to make to simply survive and create a life for your children, grandchildren, parents or siblings. 

Before you decided that you wanted to live a fulling and prosperous life, your  life experiences have prepared you for this moment. Every life experience you’ve had has equipped you and prepared you with Super Powers: gifts, talents, skills, tools, and wisdom to create the life that you desire and envision.

SLOW DOWN AND SHIFT: The truth is, in order to create the success we want, most of us require a shift that reconnects us to our core values and the acceptance of what we really want versus what is expected of us which is more often than not-guided by the constant bombardment of media, our peers, family and often the career/job we’ve opted into.

To embrace the desires of your heart and bring them to reality,  begins with a commitment to making choices that support your decision to not just survive but to thrive, find fulfillment and create sustainable success.  


The fact is, you can begin re-establishing your identity, who you are personally and professionally, while setting up opportunity, one step at a time, to choose your truth while making the commitment to live it.

This feeling is a like coming "home" to the house that you built without any considerations beyond what you love and what you want to share with those who fill your life and those who give you hope and inspiration. In that house are also those that need hope and inspiration.  

This is the moment when opportunity for sustainable success and fulfillment is conceived.  


Remember: Pay close attention to the value of your current circumstances. Here is where your Super Power of "courage" is hidden. This Super Power is required to begin your process of building the life you want. 


KEY: Within your life experiences, wrapped in blood, sweat and tears, are invaluable gifts; the Super Power(s) , that will equip you to recognize and walk through the doorway of sustainable success, the life of your desires.  Your Super Power (s) will accelerate your process by empowering your ability to release the fear and embrace your next level with clarity and courage.

As a result, you will recognize and align yourself with the opportunities, synchronicities, people and places that are presented specifically for your growth and success. The sabotuer of fear and self doubt and all of the ways it has dominated your life choices, will no longer blind you to your value or the ability to create and establish a life that reflects your deepest desires, a life vibrant with possibilities.

Your Life Experiences, be they past or present, are....Where Your Super Powers Are Hidden & Unleashed.

Desire: A Key to Success - Wake Up & Soar

Written by: Gay Thomas Wilson:


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Watch 6min Video: LINK TO Video




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Super Power & Saboteur Q&A List

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  • What Are Your Super Powers? 

  • Where Are Your Super Powers Hidden?

  • Breakthrough To Your Next Level of Success

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The only mistake in life, is the lesson not learned - Albert Einstein

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