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The only mistake we make in life is the lesson not learned - Albert Einstein

Look around YOU! Are you attracting the people and opportunities that will move you forward in your life and work?

Are you struggling to create the lifestyle you crave? Is every step forward difficult or disappointing?

Ok, if this is you, here's how you can break free of the circumstances that are incongruent with what you KNOW is the life you want and deserve. It's all about you! Yep, your world is a direct reflection of where you are in your soul's evolution.

Here's the good news. Your experiences are the task masters that are preparing you for your next steps! In order to break through where you are to where you want to be, begin paying very close attention to what your life is teaching you RIGHT NOW!

Right Now is where you are being given the tools, courage, wisdom, tenacity, mindset & character traits required to take the next steps toward the life you envision.

Stop complaining and start listening. It doesn't matter if what's happening to you is something you consider to be a negative experience. This is where you are consciously required to participate in your unique and specific life curriculum.

The teacher being, the circumstances you're trying so desperately to escape.

Thing is, it's not about the literal circumstances you're currently experiencing, but rather the mindset, feelings & unconscious decisions you are making as a result. Rather than breaking through to your next step, are you creating and facilitating your saboteur? Your Sabotuer will keep you in the same emotional & mental state until you fall deeper and deeper and become "stuck" there for who knows how long.

Most often we are so preoccupied with what we want, we rarely pay attention to the value of our current circumstances, however HERE (your current experience) is where you need to be before you can move forward. HERE is where the saboteur lives and has the power to control your ability to break through.

Your HERE (your current experience) is also where your Creative Ability to break through LIVES. Here is where you have th opportunity to choose your innate ability to overcome and your engage your ability to thrive by accepting and experiencing your true strength and courage.

Yes, everything you need is already HERE (within your current experience). Feel what you feel and go deeper and PAY ATTENTION...your next step will immediately find you!

On the other side of your current HERE is where the LAW OF ATTRACTION ignites.

The only mistake in life, is the lesson not learned - Albert Einstien

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