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Take The Leap

I have a confession to make. Even though I choose to take a leap at least once a day, most of the time my friends (and probably your friends too) the twins are the first to show up. Just before I make the decision to jump, risk it all and choose to take an action that defies gravity, that's outside of my warm comfortable place of predictability...."Hello", Uncertainty says to me, "Surely you know this is impossible to accomplish. Where will you get the money and who is going to take you seriously?" Anxiety Chimes in with "No ones going to want to do this, people are too busy and anyway you should be paying more attention to getting your bills paid and making more money...Get a JOB! Then to each other, "She's such a dreamer." Yep, it goes something like that!

But here's what I know, "the just shall live by faith," and all things work together for the good of those who love the TRUTH, and who hear the call to PURPOSE.

Are You called? Are you learning to walk on water? Is there a constant passionate desire deep inside that never stops bugging you? Do you know, that you know, that success is your birthright and that it's your practice to develop the character traits, wisdom and courage to actualize that right?

Here's the good news, these thoughts delivered by your friends the twins, Uncertainty & Anxiety are an invitation to an opportunity called "Breakthrough." Choose to breakthrough uncertainty & anxiety and take the leap. Breakthrough your fears and just take one step. This is the part no one can do for's a simple action ...Just take the leap and "Boom" you just showed up. You've entered the portal that holds your future and now you can receive the next phase of your success.


Forget the voices, ignore the distractions, take your power back from time and money and JUST SHOW UP! Acknowledge those doors called breakthrough & opportunity that stand before you...and trust that the passionate desire that's been in your heart most of your life, is your GPS and it will lead you to your truth. The life you desire & deserve. .

You'll see...and you'll know exactly what you need to do, again & again. TAKE THE ____________!

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