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 Kim Williams  CFO Warner Brothers
& Gay Thomas Wilson
Gay Thomas Wilson & Martha Winterhalter - Owner 
Winterhalter Media w/ Ladies who Attended our
Be Beautiful - Be You Event
 Just Cletus - Producer - Musician, Kim Williams  CFO Warner Brothers &
Gay Thomas Wilson
 Gay Thomas Wilson & Bevin Mugford- Peach Development
Janet D. Thomas - Emotional Healing Expert - Transformational Speaker
Gay Thomas Wilson 
Keynote Speaker   
Personal Development & Strategic Success Consultant
 Tiffnay Scott - Branding Expert &
Gay Thomas Wilson
Joyce Thompson - Simply Reminisent -
Event Coordinator
Venita Haynes - Lyte C Me 
Event Co-Producer
Joyce Thompson - Gay Thomas Wilson - Kachiri  Irizarry - Venita Haynes
Gay Thomas Wilson - Keynote Speaker 
Personal Development  &  Career Strategist


Creativity ~ A process whereby something new, original and valuable is formed

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