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 Kim Williams  CFO Warner Brothers
& Gay Thomas Wilson
Gay Thomas Wilson & Martha Winterhalter - Owner 
Winterhalter Media w/ Ladies who Attended our
Be Beautiful - Be You Event
 Just Cletus - Producer - Musician, Kim Williams  CFO Warner Brothers &
Gay Thomas Wilson
 Gay Thomas Wilson & Bevin Mugford- Peach Development
Janet D. Thomas - Emotional Healing Expert - Transformational Speaker
Gay Thomas Wilson 
Keynote Speaker   
Personal Development & Strategic Success Consultant
 Tiffnay Scott - Branding Expert &
Gay Thomas Wilson
Joyce Thompson - Simply Reminisent -
Event Coordinator
Venita Haynes - Lyte C Me 
Event Co-Producer
Joyce Thompson - Gay Thomas Wilson - Kachiri  Irizarry - Venita Haynes
Gay Thomas Wilson - Keynote Speaker 
Personal Development  &  Business Stratigest
"All that can be already is. We do not invent Divine potential and possibility ... you already are all that you can be ... Sit beside those who draw you to that." ― Rumi

Creativity ~ A process whereby something new, original and valuable is formed

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