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4 Easy Steps To Purpose


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Begin The Transformation...

Live Your True Identity & Awaken Your PURPOSE

Activate Your Everything

It's Time!



4 Easy Steps To Purpose

 4 Step

Training Course that will usher you into your Birthright, your God-given Covenant & Inheritance  

specifically defined by how

Your Heavenly Father made, shaped, formed, and endowed you with

Unique Assets ...

YOUR Gifts, Talents, Skills, & Life Experiences

Equip You to fulfill Your


The Reason You Are Here NOW!!!



Without being conscious and connected to your PURPOSE...YOUR LIFE becomes



It's Time!


4 Easy Steps To Purpose Are Guided Steps To

Revealing Your PURPOSE


Video Introduction to the course by Gay Thomas Wilson

#32 Pages Full-Color E-Book

#Scripture References

#Questions that will provoke you to answer your soul's desires

#Exercises that will move you from where you are into your



#4 (four) Get Into Action Modules, create your plan & shift into the PURPOSE PROSPECTIVE that lives inside of You - See the world through the eyes of your PURPOSE



Enlighten your understanding of




The Original Biblical  IAMs -

Your True Identity Daily Confessions will shift your mindset and stabilize your transition into your understanding of Who You Are & Why You Are Here  - At this specific point in time.


Who God says He Is,

Who Jesus says He is


Who GOD says YOU are!

Your destiny is written in the Lambs Book of Life and holds your inheritance, your covenant, and your birthright. Your Health, Wealth & Fulfillment awaits YOU!


A comprehensive list of Spiritual/Biblical - Definitions of GIFTS

Segmented into Categories & Clusters

Discover & Learn about gifts that you have and how they work together

Begin the transformation...Live Your True Identity & Awaken Your PURPOSE


YOU must choose to take a step forward into your truth, your authenticity, the original YOU... and get in agreement with GOD'S PLAN for your life...He has already gone before you and made the crooked places straight. ISAIAH 45:2 KJV

Take the step into Your GOD Given PURPOSE that awaits you...The Life that YOU are here to Live.

4 Easy Steps To Purpose DIY Course Limited Special $29.97

Shift Into The Purpose Prospective

"I gained clarity, direction, and an action plan for success as a result of the 4 Easy Steps To Purpose. You blessed my life so much, I believe this course prevented me from continued confusion & ignorance and additional years of going around in circles." ELSIE-

"The valuable time Minister Gay spent with us is definitely the tool sent to us by God that will make a difference in this world. There's so much to be gained by following the 4 Easy Steps To Purpose. I am truly thankful to God for causing our paths to cross."
GLORIA- Church Administrator

"Thank You Minister Gay I now recognize the power of gifts & talents that I have neglected or allowed to lay dormant, and I now feel the confidence to activate them for God's PURPOSE."
BETTY - Financial Banker

Marlene Photo IMG_20180111_164506 - Edit
Since your coaching, my life Purpose has become so clear. I am confident that I have the ability to go forward and fulfill what I really want to accomplish in both my life and my career. It's finally all coming together. Thank You!" 

MARLENE- Musician & Educator
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"Gay covers topics that are absolutely relevant to empower today's woman reminding us that anything is possible. She shares her life experiences and she really cares!"
SHERRY - Arbonne Health &
Beauty Consultant
"Enthusiasm and expertise are a great combination. 
Gay's genuine desire to inspire people to better their human connection is a wonderful thing to witness. Gay, you rock!"

Senior VP- On-Air Promotions &


Activate Your Everything
Step Into the life that is waiting for you!
Online Course  Q&A - Full Color

Begin the Transformation...

Live Your True Identity & Awaken Your PURPOSE

Activate Your Everything  

It's Time!

Instant Access 



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