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Written by: Gay Thomas Wilson

Personal Development & Career Strategist - Coach/Consultant

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Has there been an unexpected shift in your life that demands that you let go of people, places or things that have been part of you and your life for years?  For whatever reason you are crystal clear that this decision is non-negotiable and that fact resonates deep within you?

I CAN’T BREATHE is the cry from most of us who have hit the proverbial wall and understands that our lives must change in some very primal ways. 

A woman who has dated the same man for many years and had planned to marry him but decided to let go and is now seriously considering starting her own business.


A sister in law, who was the caretaker of her family after 2 deaths, decided it was time to let go, re-evaluate her life, and make time to get her own health back on track. 


A brother who had not seen the value of his business partner decided it was time to let go of the mindset he had developed over years and share the business profits in a more equitable way. They are now getting business counseling in hopes of creating a more collaborative partnership that serves both of their visions for the future of the company. 


A married couple realizes they cannot continue the war they’ve been in with one another for another day. They desperately want to let go of the pain they’ve caused, the hurt they’ve held on to for 20 years and to begin again. They’ve decided to separate and start over by creating a more sensitive and communicative relationship with each other. 


It seems we’ve come to a crossroad about many pass habits, old friends, long time bosses, and the mind-set that once defined us while holding us captive to the areas of our lives, that have suddenly become obsolete.


Or is it that we’ve known all along but didn’t have the courage to move forward and so we have chosen to just stay in our comfort zone rather than traverse the new land of uncertainty that stands before us and does not blink. 


WHY?  Is it Covid-19 that has caused this shift, is it the exposure of this country’s politics, is it the threat of racism landing on your doorstep or the fear of losing the entitlement you’ve enjoyed for generations? 


There’s something deeply sacred about having the time to be who you are, even when it’s not necessarily the choice you would make right now.  The un-welcomed need to familiarize yourself with who you have become and decide if that’s actually who you want to be, what you care about and what you long for, is often a necessity we put on indefinite hold. 


With death sitting at our doors we have been forced to re-evaluate our personal and professional choices and as result find our way to each other, like it or not.  We are thrust into actually living versus rushing through life with a force that is fueled by fear of survival or a false desire for more, more, more of everything.  


It has been said that the last few months has caused a pause in our usual rhythm of life, however, it’s been more like a dead stop, forcing us to touch down and reconnect to our most essential needs including family, food, safety, love and community. 


Having let go, finally we have all met in the same place, and found the familiar ache for contact, realizing that we are made to feel, to grieve, to rage, to love, to care for one another - and if we decide to unleash our better angels, there is a subtle suspicion that together we can thrive. 



Personal Development & Career Strategist - Coach/Consultant

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