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 Gay Thomas Wilson 

~Keynote Speaker~
Personal Development &
Strategic Success Consultant











Together, we will re-connect your Passion to your Purpose

Move forward with creative clarity and unlock your power to thrive in today's Market Place with the skills you need

to strategically execute at your highest potential

Did You Know...?






Your talents are a creative expression of your innate gift.

 An impassioned gift can be expressed through many talents

Are you aware of your innate gift and how it influences your choices

in both life & work?

The ascendancy of innovative technology, as a Key Factor in economic growth has elevated creativity from merely a positive trait to a highly sought after  commodity 

- Dr. Shelly Carson

  • Write, speak & teach about purpose and the connection between personal growth,  creativity & sustainable success in today's marketplace 

                        What I Do...?

  • Help you identify, embrace & integrate the distinctive attributes of your innate gift - to consciously empower & impassion your life & work

  • Guide you through re-defining & re-seting your primary talent which is the highly valuable and uniquely creative expression of your innate gift

  • Help you re-connect your purpose to your plan and apply creative clarity to your life & work  choices, enabling you to actualize sustainable profitability in today's marketplace

  •  Help you maximize the convergence of your gift, talents & life experience to initiate the law of attraction and recognize and leverage opportunities, strategic collaborations & synchronicities that support the vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle you're working toward       

  • Provide Events, Workshops & Online Courses. support, tools, & professional resources - to clarify and expand your vision   for continued development toward actualizing your work & life goals 

  • You are ready for personal growth and success development​ that will accelerate the actualization of your ideal life style

  • You are a social entrepreneur, organization or small business owner with a passion to impact culture, serve a community & increase your bottom line

  • You are a professional re-entering the workforce but you are not sure how to  locate opportunities that best engage your talents, skills  and life experience

  • You are an established professional who needs support with a career transition to expand your reach through new opportunities and strategic networks

  • You are a Creative who wants to become more profitable in today's marketplace by diversifying your talents through new opportunities & collaborations 

  • You are a Leader who wants to bridge the gap between personal growth  and actualizing your vision of personal and financial success


  • You are a student or graduate wanting to learn job/career success strategies by increasing your CQ: creative quotient 



One On One Coaching, Events & Workshops   


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The Value of Experience

Who will Benefit?

Creativity ~ A process whereby something new, original and valuable is formed

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