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Step into the Life

That's Waiting for You!

Your Success is My Passion!

I'm here to share the tools that will  Connect you to your Purpose & accelerate your progress toward creating the life and business of your dreams!

Your Purpose will guide you to Success! 

Gay Thomas Wilson

4 Easy Steps to Discover Your Purpose

Yes, I'm In!

1.Gifts + 2.Talents + 3.Skills + 4.Life Experience= PURPOSE



Wake-Up Your Purpose

Turn your efforts into purpose-driven decisions, Take Action & ignite Sustainable Success  


  • Are you frustrated with the progress you've made toward your success - big effort - little reward?

  • Are you considering quitting your job to finally do what you know you love doing - but you're just not sure where to begin?

  • Are you feeling lost in today's shifting culture - beginning to doubt your ability to reach your financial goals and create the life you've always dreamed of?

Start Here:


Who are you here to serve?


 Empower,  Teach,  Mentor,  Supply,  Heal,  Lead,  Fund,  Protect,  Support  


Partner  - Collaborate with? 




  What Happens When You Discover & Connect to Your Purpose?


Ready... Set...Go!


Take steps to create sustainable success and build your financial future...


  • Identify Your Tribe  (Client, Costumer, Niche, Audience)

  • Connect, Create & Contribute to the people that you are sent to serve

  • Create Your immediate Success Plan

  • Turn your purpose-driven decisions into step by step Action Plan 

  • Identify Opportunities & Resources to connect and deliver your best ever product or service to your niche


Yes, I'm In!

Free Wake-Up Your Purpose Webinar

"This was a powerful and fun program that worked for me because it gave me the motivation to be a more productive person and a happier one. Since your coaching, I have finally changed my diet, getting up an hour earlier to practice my music, I have decided to go back into the arts, and I'm working to change my job location. I am motivated to accomplish my goals because I have a clear purpose.  And by knowing my purpose I am confident that I have the ability to go forward and fulfill what I really want to do with my life and my career." 

Marlene Richards - Musician & Educator 

"Enthusiasm and expertise are a great combination. 
Gay's genuine desire to inspire people to better their human connection is a wonderful thing to witness. Gay, you rock!"
Scott Edwards
Senior VP- On Air Promotions &
Operations - Fox 

Step into the Life

That's Waiting for YOU!
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