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Live Online - MasterClass

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    4 Easy Steps To Purpose




  • Faith Based Coach

  • Gay Thomas Wilson 

  • Actress - Film & Television - Producer & Keynote Speaker

  • Certified Life Coach/ Career Strategist

  • Mental Health Advocate

  • Leave behind the Confusion, Uncertainty & Frustration that sabotages your ability to reach your goals

  • Experience Transformative "AHA" Moments as you learn, share & apply the Purpose Perspective

  • Shift into a Clear Vision, Take Action & Create Momentum to

  • step into the life that has been waiting for you!

     Discover the Power & Value of Your Gifts

Super Charge Your Talent

Amplify Your Skillset

Wake-up Your Lived Experience

Align w/ Your True Value

& Live The Power 


Your God Given Purpose

Accomplish Your Unique Version of Success

4 Easy Steps To Purpose Online Group Course  


 7 Day Limited Offer:


A savings of $5​0


                                       3 Week Course - 6 Sessions 

                            6 modules - to prep you for each session


  •                                                                 Gifts

  •                                                       Talents

  •                                                       Skill-Set

  •                                                       Lived Experiences

   Plus 2 - Get into Action Modules




                                               Group Course 

                                        10 Participants Per Group Only 

                                    32 Page Full Color E-Book Download

                                                        Space Is Limited

                                                            First Come

                                         Oct. 9 - 23, 2023

1. ​Interact & Collaborate with Group Members/Break Our Sessions

​2. Acknowlege & fortify your God Given Gifts, Talents, Skill-Set

3. Transmute your Lived Experiences to serve you now

4. Re-evaluate your Value in today's MarketPlace

5. Learn Decision Making skills that serve your Purpose

6. Learn how to shift into the Purpose Perspective

7. Activate & Establish inspired choices powered by Intention 

8. Take away the Tools, Truths & Principles of Purpose to transform

 your Real Life Perferred & Unperferred Experiences

9. Identify the community that you are here to
serve, collaborate with, partner with and create with through Your God Given Assets




 Success With Intention 

1.Activate Your Authenticity - Get into Action  

2. Recognize & Engage The People You are Anointed To Serve 

3. How to Maximize Your Value In Today's Marketplace 

4. Discover & Release The Super Powers Hidden In Your Lived Experiences



  • Get answers to your questions in real time

  •  Opt-in to the Online - 3 Week Course

  • 7 Day Special $147 

  • Save $50

  • 3 Weeks -2 Sessions A Week - 2hrs ea.

  • Group Course - 10 Participants each group

  • Space is limited

  • 10 Participants-Per Group

  • Oct 9 -23 ,2023



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Activate Your Everything
Authentic You In 

Marlene Photo IMG_20180111_164506 - Edit
Since your coaching, I am motivated to accomplish my goals because I have a clear purpose.  And by knowing my purpose I am confident that I have the ability to go forward and fulfill what I really want to do in my life and my career. " 
Marlene - Musician & Educator

Instant Access 



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"Gay covers topics that are absolutely relevant to empower today's woman reminding us that anything is possible. She shares her life experiences and she really cares!"
Sharon - Arbonne Health &
Beauty Consultant
"Enthusiasm and expertise are a great combination. 
Gay's genuine desire to inspire people to better their human connection is a wonderful thing to witness. Gay, you rock!"
Scott Edwards
Senior VP- On Air Promotions &
Operations - Fox 
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4 Easy Steps To Purpose Online Group Course  


 7 Day Limited Offer:


A savings of $50

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   Activate Your Everything

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