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Get access to Events, Workshops & Online Courses, support, tools, & professional resources - to clarify and expand your vision   for continued development toward actualizing your work & life goals.

"Gay covers topics that are absolutely relevant to empower today's woman reminding us that anything is possible. She shares her own life experiences and she really cares!"
Sharon Streger - Arbonne Health &
Beauty Consultant
"Enthusiasm and expertise are a great combination. 
Gay's genuine desire to inspire people to better their human connection is a wonderful thing to witness. Gay, you rock!"
Scott Edwards
Senior VP- On Air Promotions &
Operations - Fox 
Marlene Photo IMG_20180111_164506 - Edit
Since your coaching, I am motivated to accomplish my goals because I have a clear purpose.  And by knowing my purpose I am confident that I have the ability to go forward and fulfill what I really want to do with my life and my career. " 
Marlene - Musician & Educator

    Discover You Group  Series



Gifts & Talents

GIFTS & TALENTS ~ There is a distinct difference between Gifts & Talents. Discover your innate gift and experience how it transforms your talent, empowering it to become a unique & valuable expression that specifically enlightens those around you and elevates your value in the marketplace. 

Clarify Your Career Calling

CLARIFY YOUR CAREER CALLING ~ Knowing your Purpose will identify your Calling. Together we will identify the attributes of your purpose and you will gain a clear understanding of what Career Calling best creatively engages your talent,  skills & life experience and is also a viable building block toward actualizing sustainable success.

 Expand Your Vision

EXPAND YOUR VISION ~ Envision and impassion your higher Calling with a fresh, new and creative perspective. You are designed with all of the gifts, talents, aptitudes and abilities needed to carry out your life purpose. Ignite the law of attraction & learn to recognize and leverage opportunities. 

 Destiny Decisions

DESTINY DECISIONS ~ Connect to your core belief of who you are and why you're here. Take action and impassion your Plan with Purpose. Strategically engage professional resources and support. 
Long before we are aware of what we are called to be and do in this life…Long before we finally grasp and accept our purpose…we are being prepared for it.  It is extremely powerful to recognize that your life experience is NOT random - Retrieve hidden SuperPowers & Unleash the Masterpiece called YOU - the mindset, character traits and commitment required to create the life YOU are born to Live. 

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